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Asian Massage & Qigong in Eau Claire, WI

Find inner peace and wellness with Healing Choices Oasis, LLC in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We offer a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine services to help reduce stress and get you back to your normal self. There are lots of massage therapists and martial arts practitioners out there, but what makes Healing Choices Oasis, LLC different is our extensive experience in the healthcare setting. As a respiratory therapist, owner Carol Rudd has experience with all types of illnesses and patients. She believes we need to look for ways to heal ourselves. Visiting Healing Choices Oasis, LLC is a great place to begin the healing process.

Blending Eastern & Western Medicine To Promote Healing

Healing Choices Oasis offers a blend of eastern and western medicine. AMMA Therapy (pronounced "Ahh-maa") is a form of Asian bodywork that follows the energy pathways and promotes healing in the body. Qigong (pronounced "chi or key-gong"), teaches awareness of our energy body and promotes relaxation and healing through practice

Some of the services we offer at Healing Choices Oasis are Qigong classes, AMMA Therapy (a massage based in Chinese medicine), and two new programs, FIT2Breathe and Kamp KiWA, designed to help anyone, at any age who has breathing problems. FIT2Breathe is for adults newly diagnosed with asthma, bronchitis or emphysema. Kamp KiWA, is a program designed for elementary age kids with asthma.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Services & Therapy

  • AMMA Therapy
  • Qigong
  • Meditation
  • FIT2 Breathe
    Therapist - massage in Eau Claire, WI

    Meet Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist

    Carol recently retired after 41 years as a Respiratory Therapist serving patients at a local hospital. She is eager to share her knowledge and experience to help anyone struggling with breathing problems. As a life-long asthmatic herself, she has many insights to share as well as coping skills to make living with lung disease easier.
    If you are looking to change your life, come to Healing Choices Oasis. We provide the best in natural methods to help improve your mind and body.
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